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Do you know your Vendor Carbon Footprint ?

Updated: Feb 23

According to More than 60% of carbon footprint calculation of your business is dependent on your vendor CO2 equivalent emission data.

As ESG reporting requirements are soon becoming part of regulations, it is important for businesses to be able to accurately assess their business carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint can be calculated from three sources.

1. C02 Equivalent emissions of items consumed as direct inputs on your premises that are going into your production or service delivery e.g. raw materials

2. C02 Equivalent emissions of items consumed as indirect inputs on your premises for example electricity.

3. C02 Equivalent emissions of the process of supplies coming into your production or service site and of all forward supply chain points that enable the delivery of your finished goods or services to your customers.

Getting your vendors to compute and report their C02 Equivalent Emissions is a challenging task

We, at Kankei ESG Services can work with you on the following.

1. Set up an ESG Score card for your vendors.

2. Train your vendors on how to compute their CO2 equivalent emissions related to products and services that they provide to you (which in turn becomes your Carbon Footprint)

3. Compile data from your vendors to compute their CO2 emissions.

4. Match records with reported data (audit and check)

5. Consolidate information from multiple vendors to assist your business in compiling its CO2 emissions for reporting purposes.

If you would like to embark on this journey early to be able to be future ready for reporting and compliance, please do contact us for more details of our services.

To know more about how Kankei ESG Services can assist you please do write to or call +91 9324747575 or click here 

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Ajinkya Rikame
Ajinkya Rikame
08 gru 2023

Kudos on the introduction of Kankei's latest service! Embracing the challenge of having vendors compute and report their CO2 Equivalent Emissions is a noteworthy and commendable initiative. Cheers to advancing sustainability and environmental responsibility!

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