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Ecommerce Services

Do you need any back office support to manage your ecommerce operations?

In times when growth is visible and resources are scarce, it is always good to prioritize.

Preserve your management energy and resources to focus on what you are best at and handover time consuming operational work to a specialist.

As a brand that is selling online or intends to sell online you will find the following to be time consuming tasks that need a lot of attention

  1. Content listing on online marketplaces, multiple marketplaces, multiple countries, multiple products, multiple SKUs

  2. Content management for your own online store, especially if you have a few hundred SKUs

  3. Order verification and approvals

  4. Customer service

  5. Database management

  6. Reporting and analysis

  7. Financial Accounting and marketplace statement reconciliation

  8. Returns Management

  9. Website software maintenance

While there are many different technologies available for process management, you still need to have trained human resources.

One option to consider is to outsource your ecommerce operations to a specialist ecommerce services company.

You will:

  1. Save Management Time

  2. Save Money

  3. Save Processing Time

If you are an online brand or seller on Amazon and other marketplaces you can outsource one or more of your processes to Kankei.

To know more, please contact us at or WhatsApp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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