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Digital Content Transcription

Content Transcription Services – Good for Online Marketing and Content Marketing

As the need for content increases in the digital economy and digital world, the availability of good content is key to differentiation and cutting through the clutter

Creation of content cannot be delegated away from those who understand your business and have the passion for your business. Often, we may outsource content writing only to find that the content created is not up to our satisfaction.

There are a few ways to generate good quality content


  1. Get business owners and managers to write out the content

  2. Ask your advertising or direct marketing agency to create content

  3. Request customers to give product reviews – this is also a good way to get content that is user generate

  4. Hire professional writers to write out buying guides and good quality content

  5. Pay bloggers to write about your products and services

In all the above methods, the option for the business owner or brand manager to write content is the difficult one. And getting customers to put their pen down to paper or fingers down to the keyboard is even more difficult.

There is one way to make this task easy – get Kankei to help with Content Transcription from written and verbal communication

Kankei Content Transcription Services are ideal for business owners and managers who would can speak their mind but don’t have the time to put down their thoughts into a computer or the time edit and include key search words.

Kankei Content Transcription enables you to record your content onto a voice capturing system or to write down you handwritten notes and then have these transcribed to digital content. Not only do we transcribe these, but we can add value through editing and improvement of the content using specialists.

The process for digital content transcription is as follows













Digital Content Transcription for Customer Reviews and Feedback














Content is the future of digital marketing. Good , authentic, interesting, useful content can make a lot of difference in finding new customers as well as encouraging prospective customers to buy your products and services.

To get your content transcribed into a digital form for it to be used for your online marketing or on your website, talk to Kankei today!

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Kankei is an experienced customer engagement services company covering consumer and trade programs for several large multinational and domestic brands. Established in 1998, Kankei works with its clients as a partner who seeks to provide a solution towards the end result.

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