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Jumpstart Your Retail Sales Post Covid

We never expected this sudden stoppage in sales and we don’t know how long it’s going to continue for and when things are going to back to 100% normal. In the distant future we may be back to a growth scenario but in a short term the biggest worry for any Business Manager is to get sales back on track.

As a Sales or Trade Marketing Manager, you would appreciate some of the following scenarios:


  1. Lack of public transport for your sales reps to be able to visit retailers

  2. Social distancing norms at retail stores will make it more time consuming for your sales team to get a time slot with the retailer as there would be other customers waiting in line. They may get irate to see a sales man jumping the line

  3. Sales reps of medical companies would need to go to clinics and chemists – potential high risk locations

  4. Medical reps face the challenge of having to wait for long periods of time sometimes possibly in a closed corridor outside the doctors clinic

  5. Time on hand for retailers and dealers is going to be short. May will be short of in-store assistants who have not reported back after having gone to their hometowns and villages. Many just waiting for the environment to come back to normal before they return.

These are possible scenarios amongst dozens of others that any Sales Manager would be concerned about.

Consumers too will find ways to buy products online where competition is fierce and many competing products are available

The Question for Sales and Trade Marketing Managers

How do you jump-start your sales and how do you find ways to connect customers with your trade and channel partners without having to depend 100% on your field sales force.

We, at Kankei, have a solution for you.

It is not a substitute but a supplement to your efforts.

We have been operating trade and consumer call centres for over 20 years. In the new environment our call centres have moved to a work from home setting where our executives are equipped with all the necessary equipment and technology to enable us to conduct our call centre business seamlessly.

As a Sales or Trade Manager you can take advantage of this capability that Kankei presents to you.

This is how you can use our call centres to jump-start your retail sales:

Trade Dost (For Retailers and Dealers)

On the trade side, you can use our call centres as follows:


  1.  Create a route plan for the phone based Relationship Manager to contact your retailers to take orders

  2. Pass the orders to your distributors or to your delivery centre

  3. Use the call centre to ensure timely delivery to the retailers

  4. Conduct post service satisfaction surveys with your retailers

  5. Reward your retailers for orders that they place through this system

  6. Create a WhatsApp ordering system to be combined with the call centre

The above method can help you jump-start your retail sales.


  1. Kankei an expert in call centres has the ability to quickly setup a team for you. A team that will be trained and enabled to reach out to your retailers

  2. Kankei has the capability of setting up the technology and the phone lines and the processes that are required to enable this

  3. You can use this channel to also stay in touch with your retail trade and channel partners without depending on 100% sales force coverage

  4. You can increase the frequency of contact or maintain the frequency of contact as before even though your sales team may not be able to physically visit the retailers as often as before

Time is short and there is a lot of work to be done.

So if you are interested in getting this service started up, please do contact us urgently.

We can run this service for you for a minimum period of 6 months and beyond that can be extended depending on the success and your desire to continue.

Please rush because our capacity is limited and processes take some time to setup.

If you get started in a conversation now, you can expect to have the team setup in the next 4 weeks or so.

Our Relationship Managers are available to discuss this idea with you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation call.

Look forward to working with you to jump-start your retail sales soonest.

 Please write to or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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