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Brand Reputation Management :
How can a call centre company like Kankei be of assistance??

Brand reputation and goodwill is built over time. Every consumer initiative taken by the brand leads to an impact on the brand reputation.

In recent years, with consumer connectivity going up, the power of changing the brand reputation has moved to the consumer.

Corporate Affairs is no longer about managing press & general public relations. It now covers a vast range of media – both online & offline.

Consumer Affairs regulators are increasingly taking interest in encouraging brands to become more consumer oriented. In countries like India, every consumer product needs to have a label that carries the Company contact information and incase of importers, the importers contact information.

Here are some of the better ways that a call centre outsourcing company like Kankei can assist with managing brands online and offline reputation.

1. Managing the brand consumer services unit
This includes managing the phone call centre for the number printed on the consumer packaging. This may be a Toll Free Number or a Paid Toll Line. Kankei can help set these up and manage the consumer services cell on an ongoing basis

The options are: –


  • Live Call Centre with agents taking & responding to calls as they come. This could be on a single, double or multiple shift basis. Our call centre is multilingual and in addition to English can handle several languages

  • IVR & Voice Mail based consumer services Management

For Brands that do not want to handle consumer services with a live agent (this could be for various reasons). Kankei can provide a voice mail based system for handling consumer calls.

Under this system, the consumer calls the published toll free or toll number and is greeted by an auto attendant. After going through the options, the consumer has the option to leave a voice message.

Messages received through this process are transcribed and then given to the client for action. As a follow through, there may be outbound calls to be made to the consumer and our team will undertake these too.

Managing the consumer services cell of a brand is a very important function as it is in the fore front of brand reputation management.

A Brand that does not have a professionally managed consumer services cell may be viewed as unfriendly and closed and that is not good for the reputation of the brand.

Talk to Kankei about the experience in handling consumer services for leading multinational and FMCG & Pharma companies in India. Write to to get a free consultation.

2. Social Media Response Management
The team @ Kankei can assist with tracking and managing responses to comments made on your Social Media pages. We can also track other sites where your brand conversation is happening and help with response management on such sites and forums.

3. Proactive Content Placement on Social Media and Other Sites
Through a combination of Technology and human resources, we can provide brands with the service of proactively putting your brand content, blogs & articles into forums, social media and other sites with whom the brand may have content placement arrangements. There are several tools for publishing your content simultaneously on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. However you need to have human resources to manage these.

Kankei can provide the human resources required to manage your brand online reputation. This could be done from the Kankei Centre or can be provided as an implant at our client locations.

If your company needs Brand Online Reputations Management please contact Kankei at or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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