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Innovative customer service and interaction services for the ecommerce industry


Ecommerce may be nascent but is already booming.

The hockey stick for the industry is already here. Triggered by COVID-19 and fast changing habits of making purchases.

Multiple Customer Touchpoints

If you are an online business, you will know that there are several customer touch points available for consumers to seek service.

More so with social media and online marketplaces allowing customers to make open comments there is an increasing need to track and attend to customer queries, suggestions and complaints.

ServiceOnTime is focussed completely on the ecommerce world and provides various solutions that enable the brand or seller to attend to customers as they reach out in multiple ways with multiple needs.

Our integrated approach to respond to the consumer as well as to initiate and complete resolution action helps brands manage their customers better.

Types of enquiries

Some of the specific issues that an online brand or seller would face typically are:


  •  Inquiries for order status

  • Inquiries for order tracking

  • Inquiries for returns process

  • Coordination of pickup of goods to be returned

  • Handling issues relating to defective on arrival (DOA) or damaged on arrival

  • Refund and cancellations related inquiries

  • Bundled product delivery

  • Bundled services like warranty activation

  • Post sales services for products that are not functioning within the warranty period

The other area of the ecommerce world that requires attention is post sales service.

With many products being sold by brands in geographies where they may not have a physical service centre, there is a need for the brands and the sellers to setup virtual service centres which will enable processes like:


  1.  Warranty activation

  2. Warranty upgrades

  3. Management of defective goods as received by the consumer

  4. In-warranty services

  5. Post warranty service

These are some of the key aspects of customer service that a brand needs to be geared to.

The technology that is used by us is as follows:


  1. Telephony which enables customers to call a single number yet have the call distributed to one of many available representatives

  2. Work from home technology – For customer service reps to be able to handle calls remotely

  3. Ticketing complaint and query ticketing system – For phone and email

  4. Email response management system

  5. Technology to handle social media response management

  6. Web chat

  7. Automated robotic chat bots for handling simpler queries

  8. Call recording systems for quality management

  9. Integration with fulfilment centres for product replacement

  10. Integration with courier and logistics companies to pickup products from consumers where it is the responsibility of the brand.

The above are some of the key technology and technology enabled abilities and competencies that our service company provides you, the brand that is involved in your online business.

If you are an online retailer and experiencing a surge in business or a surge in customer service requirements, you can outsource these to – a division of To know more about how we can assist you in your customer service goals and to help you build a better online reputation for your brand, please do contact us at or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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