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Sales & CRM Management

With increasing use of CRM systems, several companies have the need for these systems to be kept updated with data on customer interaction. Whether it be an online CRM system or a Sales and Field Call reporting system, they all need data to be updated. At times they also need information on prospects to be researched and available on the sales management system.

Our clients use our services for the following

  1. Contact of field teams an collection of information and updates on phone

  2. Updating of client data records including address and contact information updates

  3. Data creation from business cards, physical directories and web research and updating this on the CRM or sales system

  4. Reporting and Analysis

While several organisations have set up systems, these often fail to deliver, as users do not prioritise the updating of these with information from the field or from their contact of the customer. We act as a catalyst as well as an enabler to keep such systems updated through intervention and contact of the field teams.

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