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ESG Related Services

ESG Data Collation 

ESG Data collation is a major first step in the process of your business ESG reporting. This can be complex and requiring multiple departments and potentially multiple geographical locations to be contacted for data collation. Kankei ESG Services are for companies who need to have  resources to be able to compile data, normalise data and make it ready to be input into ESG reporting systems

ESG Report Preparation

Once the data is collated for ESG reporting, the process of reporting itself can be done manually or using various software. Our teams can work with your company to support the report preparation process. 

Typically following the data collation process, report preparation requires resources to validate the data, make the reports, check the reports and the publish the reports. We deploy specialist resources who work with your ESG teams to prepare the various reports that you need made

ESG Reporting 

ESG reporting could cover a vast range of internal and external reports

External reports also need to be filed with the appropriate authorities.

Tracking of reporting deadlines and adhering to these is important . We work alongside your teams to manage these processes. Including exception tracking and post-reporting query management. In other words, we work as your project management team for ESG reporting 

To use ESG Related Services from Kankei please write to  know or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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