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With over 20 years of experience in managing customer service and customer interaction for millions of consumers spread over hundreds of brands, Kankei has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge

This experience can be of great use to any organization in their quest for service excellence.

Customer service is now not about calls handled and emails responded to. It is about customers attended to and about how well they are attended and how quickly.

With social media and many other public places including online review portals and review panels of online marketplaces, it is very easy for a dissatisfied customer to talk about the service that they may have received from a brand.

The customer is always the king – so no matter whether they are right or wrong, feedback from customers on asocial media platforms has to be attended to as soon as it comes up.

The world of customer interactions is becoming more complex with COVID-19 and the need to have work for home options for call center representatives.

The key aspects of setting up a customer contact center include the following:


  1. The right technology to enable work from home while maintaining all the norms related to productivity, training, tracking and performance that are usually followed in a physical call center

  2. Staffing, training and quality monitoring of resources while not being able to be in the same room as them

  3. Access to customer information on a central system which is cloud based thereby enabling the representatives to access this information and update the status information and tickets

  4. Ongoing staffing and attendance management of service representatives

  5. Reporting and real time tracking of issues and performance

If you are looking to setup any kind of initiative that requires a call center including one that receives call (inbound, outbound, telemarketing, B2B marketing, webinar invitations etc.), you need to have a strategic and tactical plan in place before you start.

If you need to set up a call center for your business, please consider this:

With the complexity of the call center operations and the added dimension of work from home, it can be a challenging task set up and manage.

If you plan to set up your own inhouse call center it would advisable to use a consulting firm to help you setup your infrastructure, technology and processes. This will help you make the right investment decisions

If you are a brand seeking to setup a new call center or an initiative that requires a call center, do contact us.

At Kankei, we have a consulting service division wherein our most experienced team members are available to provide you the right guidance for your call center operations.

We will not only guide but we will also assist in setting up your call center as well as give you the option to outsource the entire call center operations to our outsourcing division.

Do contact us for your call center needs at or Whatsapp + 6583886673 or click here

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