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Ecommerce Industry Services

The growth in the business opportunities due to ecommerce & ecommerce technologies is phenomenal. As it becomes more time consuming to step out of home to go shopping, and suppliers emerge from places far and wide , the consumer acceptance, adoption and loyalty towards ecommerce will grow.
Kankei, an established business process outsourcing company, has several services for the ecommerce Industry.


Services for Online Market places

Kankei has the following Services that could be of use to online market place.


  1. Seller recruitment Services – domestic & International cross border Setup to be identified & contacted & signed Up

  2. Seller Customer Service –Providing your online setup with prompt customer service requires a call centre used to handling transactional enquires.

  3. Seller product returns and dispute management

  4. Online Seller content creation and content Management. As seller grapple to get good positions on your online market place, We can provide content enhancement services to get them and your online market place consumers better levels of product information.

  5. Seller Merchandise ‘sourcing’ services. Through our group company we can provide your online seller with merchandise sourcing services.

Services for Brands who want to Sell Online

Brands are increasingly enhancing their online presence and a brand online store is one way for the brand to have its own presence in this growing sales channel. A brand online store gives the company an opportunity to showcase all its products and also interact directly with consumers making such purchases.
Kankei & its group company ND Commerce ( provide brands with the following ecommerce outsourcing services.


  1. Brand Online store setup – This includes all the process & technology related to setup. ND Commerce provides project management services for soft brand website development.

  2. Operations Management including

    1. Content creation for your brand online store

    2. Content Management & updates

    3. Order Processing

    4. Co- Ordination of fulfillment of your online sales.

  3. Customer Service

    This includes management of your brand online store customer interaction in one or more of the following ways.

  1. Live Call Centre

  2. Web Chat Service

  3. IVR/ Voice mail based customer service

  4. Email & Web response management

  5. Social Media response management

Our group company ND commerce is a well established brand ecommerce service partner to several leading brands in India.

Call us today to get an assessment of your existing brand store or to assist with your planned brand ecommerce initiatives.

With nearly 20 years of experience handling a wide range of clients. Our group has the right DNA and approach to assisting brands with their ecommerce initiatives.

 To know more about Kankei Services please write to or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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