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Marketing Services Support

Marketing is a broad term covering the classic Four Ps

  1. Product – What are you going to sell?

  2. Place – Where you are going to sell?

  3. Promotion – How you are going to sell?

  4. Price – At what price you are going to sell?

Can Brand Managers really use Kankei call centre services for Marketing?

Yes, Brand Marketers can use call centres for Marketing Support

Modern day marketing initiatives require customer contact. Consumers are now more connected on phone than ever before. Soon the day will come when most consumers will have access to some sort of phone – smart phone or normal mobile phone. Kankei can work with brands to effectively use call centre services to support marketing and marketing services

Within the 4 Ps of Marketing here are some ideas for marketing managers to use call centre services from Kankei


Where does a call centre fit into the Marketing Mix?

  1. Undertake phone based surveys on the potential product to be manufactured or imported or traded

  2. Product Planning – Conduct competitive surveys to understand market gaps

  3. Find prospects for product trial and sampling



  1. Use Kankei as a place to sell – phone and buy services – get consumers to buy on phone

  2. Support ecommerce and your online store – Use Kankei Call Centre services to provide consumers with phone based buying support

  3. Outbound telemarketing as a sales channel to sell your products (we only provide this for B2B and where we have permission from consumers for B2C) – NO Spam Calls

  4. Inbound Teleshopping Support – Direct Response based sales


Doorstep Demos – to get product demos done to prospective customers – you can use Kankei to help set up appointments for your demo teams


  1. Marketing promotions support

  2. Experiential marketing support – getting your customers to your experience centres or to sample your products

  3. Marketing events and Trade Promotions related call centre services

  4. Enrolment of consumers in your loyalty program and service calls related to your loyalty program

  5. Consumer promotions fulfilment of contests, promotions through inbound and outbound call centre services

  6. SMS Marketing and Direct Response Campaign Management

Price tracker services to support your pricing decisions (This is good for markets where prices are not the same across all retail locations). Can be used to track prices on online shops

Other areas for marketers to use call centre services from Kankei to support their brand marketing initiatives


  1. Mystery Customer Implementation

  2. Service Tracking of Own Service and Competitors Service

  3. Missed Call Campaigns

  4. Sampling and Post Sampling contact

  5. Disease Awareness Programs

  6. Social Cause Related Marketing Programs

  7. List building and database management

  8. Key Opinion Leader contact and engagement

  9. Social Media Response Management


How do you get started?

Call us with your objective or problem and we will give ideas!

Kankei is an experienced customer engagement services company covering consumer and trade programs for several large multinational and domestic brands. Established in 1998, Kankei works with its clients as a partner who seeks to provide a solution towards the end result.

To know more please write to or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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