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Trade & Channel Partners are a very important part of most businesses that are not direct to consumer.
The role of the trade intermediaries is important where the product needs to be distributed through a retail network that is not owned by the brand.

Dealer and Trade Help Lines are a way for the brand to give access to their trade partners to the company and to have specific requests & queries resolved.
Some examples of experiences at Kankei, a high quality provider of customer trade helpline services are given below: –

Industry: Cellular Services
A Dealer helpline provides the much-needed support for the thousands of small dealers.
Mobile cellular SIM card Dealers have several questions that they need to role the cellular operator.
These includes queries on SIM card plans, validity, data packs & more. And there are process & troubleshooting related queries that they may have for their new or existing customer.

Sanitary ware Products
Dealer help lines assist dealers in product related queries, usage applications & information on part & new versions & models for compatibility of fittings.
A Sanitary ware company may also have a helpline for plumbers where they give guidance on their products and methods to install these.

Beverages Company
A dealer help line for a beverage company could cover service requests for visicoolers & refrigerators provided by the brand or queries on schemes & promotions including consumer promotions to be redeemed by trade partners.


Fintech Company
A fintech company that relies on a merchant network to have acceptance of its payment instruments can use a merchant help line to report service issues or request for merchant supplies.

Contact lens manufacturers
A contact lens manufacturer can set up a dealer help line to take orders for contact lenses from the retail trade. This includes taking orders for specific prescriptions. The dealer help line can assist with order taking, follow up, order alteration 7 delivery coordination.

Dealer help lines can perform the following tasks:
1) Order taking for supply of company products.
2) Order taking for point of sale materials
3) Service Desk for equipment installed at the retailer.
4) Dealer Contest & P
romotion Response.
5) Information Assistance on product usage and features
6) Dealer Rewards and Loyalty P
rogram support.
7) Trade Meets & event Help line

Managing dealer & Trade help lines is a specialist task that often requires multi language capable call centers

Kankei has been providing several large multinational & domestic companies with dealer help line, Trade Marketing support & Trade engagement services.

To know more about how Kankei can play an important role in managing your trade relations, trade help lines & outbound call center for trade & retail enquiries please contact us at or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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