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B2B Lead Generation Company
in Mumbai & Kolkata, India

With the surge in technology and manufacturing process improvement, there is also a surge in the number of products that companies and businesses can buy. From security to productivity to components to utilities. There is a vast range of products and services that are being produced today. And with global trade barriers breaking down and with consumption in Europe and USA slowing , the big potential lies in Asian markets.

The big challenge for tech and other B2B companies is that they need to find prospects for their business and once the right prospect has been found, they need to establish high quality contact to sell in their product or service.

B2B sales managers can be more productive if they get a boost to their sales lead bucket. One way to fill the bucket faster is to have an inside sales team that supports the sales team.

Creating and managing an inside sales team is a laborious , time consuming and expensive process. There is a need to get the right talent, to train and deploy the talent and to keep it motivated and engaged to be able to keep performing a task that requires persistence, detailing and and is often repetitive.

We are one of the top listed b2b lead generation companies in Mumbai, India. The team at Kankei works with a range of companies to support their B2B lead generation efforts.

Some of our clients include those from industries and segments like international payment processing , healthcare and hospital supplies, factory supplies, office audio conferencing equipment and more.

At Kankei – B2B Lead Generation Company, our process for setting up an inside sales team for our clients is outlined below


  1. Understand client products and segments in detail

  2. Understand current programs being undertaken

  3. Evaluate existing database collation processes

  4. Identify key target segments and markets for the inside sales team to work on

  5. Set up processes to manage databases and lead generation

  6. Set up team to research prospect information and to make outbound contact to generate product leads and appointments for the sales team

  7. At Kankei – One of the top most b2b lead generation companies in India, we also establish reporting systems and processes for funnel management.

To know more about how Kankei can support your inside sales for markets like India, Singapore, USA, Australia and other English speaking countries please do contact us at or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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