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Consumer Services Management 

At Kankei, we have employed futuristic customer service management model that encompass 360° service solutions. Right from answering customer grievances and resolving issues to getting customer feedback, enquiry about the product, queries related to product, sales location or taking survey for a new product, we do it all. Our customer service outsourcing service span far beyond the traditional customer care to include improved customer retention rates, attract new customers, offer improved services and thereby reduce service costs.

Need for Customer/Consumer Services Management

  • Consumers often need to contact the brand or the manufacturer

    • To enquire about the product

    • To understand how to use the product

    • To give feedback – positive and negative

    • To enquire about sales locations and product availability

    • To get specific action incase there is some issue that they have faced while using the product

  • Companies and Brands need to be available to the consumer

    • Cannot delegate the entire responsibility to the retailer

    • Need to be accurate and consistent across the board

    • Need to handle enquires and issues within service levels and in an appropriate manner

Kankei’s customer service solution is a complete package that includes state of the art technology, domain expertise, analytics and experienced man power. Our customer service management interface includes robust software that stores key customer stats including complete details about sales, service, support and crucial customer information that gives real time insight into customer likes, preferences, behavior and more. With this vital data handy, our clients can greatly improve their upsells and cross sells.










With our multilingual, cooperative and experienced man power in multiple domain and multiple products, we are able to cater to customer service outsourcing needs of global clients. Our outsourcing service includes web chat, voice mail, email, fax support across service, marketing and sales. Naturally, Kankei’s customer service gives an undisputable edge to the clients.

As brands and regulators push for higher levels of customer service, it is essential for all brands to publish their contact information on their product packaging. We provide consumer services for several large companies including the following


  1. Setup and management of 1800 Toll Free lines

  2. Inbound call management – live and voice mail based 

  3. Email response management

  4. PO Box and Physical Mail Management

  5. Customer enquiry and grievance handling

  6. Escalation and case management within the client organisation

  7. Reporting and analysis

Multi Channel Customer Management










Win trust and loyalty of your customers and retain them longer with the help of our customer service management solutions. With our personalized, interactive and customer centric approach, get a distinctive competitive edge and stay ahead. So outsource customer service and give your customers a royal treatment. After all, customer is the king and we treat them like one!

To know more about Kankei's Consumer Service Management please write to or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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