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Here are 10 Initiatives that can Solidify your Dealer Relationships

Updated: Feb 23

As doing business is getting more competitive, retailers and dealers are the mainstay for many brands, While online channels are growing, brick and mortar business though retail channels will continue to be the key driver of growth.

Here are 10 initiatives that you can consider (and if you are already doing this , you could consider enhancing )

  1. Retailer and Dealer skills development and training. Training need not be about your own business but more to help retailers and dealers stay abreast with the latest developments that can impact their business. Large companies have many corporate resources available and these can be harnessed for the enhancement of skills of channel partners

  2. Engagement programs - go beyond the traditional rewards and recognition to create meaningful engagement programs . Some that may also include employees and family members of channel partners

  3. Keep the communication lines open - Dealer Help Lines that answer many queries that the channel partners may have

  4. C-Voice - Voice of the Channel. Through surveys, videos, streaming events with the company leadership and more

  5. ECommerce support - helping dealers and retailers get online and making a success of it

  6. Special occasion recognition - Tenure , Birthdays, Anniversaries , Festivals and other occasions that are opportunities to cement relationships with the channel partner

  7. Collective buying support . Leveraging corporate resources to help dealers and retailers get better deals for some of their input costs

  8. Automation - an app for all seasons that can be created for your retailers and dealers

  9. Traffic generation for their business. Specific initiatives that can build footfalls for their business

  10. ESG - Environment, Social and Governance related initiatives including channel alignment to organisation goals

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