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Use of videos to improve customer service efficiency

Updated: Feb 23

How you can enhance your customer service level and reduce your customer service costs by use of videos, illustrations and animation.

How often do we need the lengthy product manuals that come with most devices? And how easy is it for a customer service rep to explain about product installation and troubleshooting on the phone?

In the era of ecommerce, self help by customers is the best option else brands will need to keep expanding their call centers to take care of many questions that may have otherwise been answered by an in-store rep.

To enhance your customer service levels, you can do one or more of the following:

1. Create product installation and use videos

2. Make illustrations of answers to frequently asked questions

3. Create and manage consumer forums and chat boards where issues are raised by customers and resolved by other customers or by your representatives.

Making product demo, installation and usage videos can be easily made. You can also get customers to generate video content that can be of use to other customers.

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