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Trade and Retailer Relations- How a Trade Call Center can help Large and Medium brands

Updated: Feb 23

With a plethora of new products and high levels of competition one group that needs the direct attention of brands and products supply companies is the group of retailers

Retailer’s lives have become more complex than ever before. Some of the reasons for this complexity are:

1. Need for small retailers to start using technology

2. E commerce opportunities to be tapped

3. Threats from online sellers offering similar or competing products sometimes at better


4. Consumer traffic and footfalls

5. Vast range of suppliers and brands each with their own terms

Trade marketing and sales teams to have challenges to tackle

1. Shortage of talent willing to do field jobs

2. High competition from organizing unorganized players

3. Rising costs

4. Technology advancements to be made to keep up with the times

As a trade sales and marketing manager you can consider building a direct to retailer channel of communication.

Set up and operate a trade customer service call center.

A trade call center can perform the following tasks:

1. Answer general trade inquiries

2. Provides support specifically for brands intending to be a part of initiatives like the

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

3. Support order taking and order processing

4. Handle product inquiries

5. Handle inquiries relating to equipment provided to the retailer by the company

Retail and commerce is changing. And with merchants becoming part of the ONDC, there would be further requirements for brands to provide retailers and small merchants with a connection into the company.

Consider setting up a Trade Customer Service Center for your company.

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