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Reviewing your eCommerce Customer Service Team Performance ? Here is what you can look for

Updated: Feb 23

Are you an ecommerce Business Manager? Do you review your customer service performance on a regular basis?

Chances are that ecommerce customer service is managed by a third party or another team. And the reports you get are mostly call centre reports.

If you would like to stay on top of your customer service, here are some questions you can ask from your customer service lead

1. What are the top 5-reasons for customers to contact you?

2. Have these reasons changed over time?

3. What is the root cause behind the key customer service requests

4. At which stage of the eCommerce customer buying cycle are the most queries emanating from . And why.

5. How many interactions are required to close a customer service requests. Get granular here and see data for different types of requests

6. The average number of calls, emails, and messages per order

7. Types of enquiries that can be addressed by better content on your site, your product packaging and your order related communication

8. The customer service cost per order for the different categories that you sell.

If you look at typical call centre metric like average handling time, average answer time, average wrap up time etc, you may get lost in the numbers.

Set a presentation and reporting date with your customer service lead and get a few of the customer service representatives into the meeting to get a first-hand view of the situation.

Customer service is a very key part of any ecommerce business.

Good quality service can reduce your cost wastage, enhance loyalty, and build better word of mouth for your business and brand.

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