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Are you selling your products online? Consider the need to provide in-warranty replacement

Updated: Feb 23

In-warranty replacement is a great feature that can significantly enhance your customer satisfaction.

It can help with better conversion of online customers as it provides consumers with a higher level of trust and confidence.

By mentioning that your products have an in-warranty replacement guarantee, you win the trust of consumers.

In-warranty replacement management is a complicated process. Even more so with ecommerce purchases. Brands are launched online with no physical presence and sold in multiple countries with no after sales network in place.

Here is how you can setup a virtual service centre and provide in-warranty replacement without having to do it yourself.

1. Identify a good specialist that can handle your in-warranty replacements

- Must have experience

- Must have a call centre

- Must have a fulfilment centre

2. Place your replacement parts and products with this partner

3. Setup customer experience processes that will enable smooth management of in-warranty replacements

4. Publish your in-warranty replacement feature in all your marketing communication

To know more about how Kankei can work with you to manage your in-warranty replacements, please write to  or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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