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Reasons why you should map all critical processes within your organization

Updated: Feb 23

As organizations continue to work from home, the opportunities for interaction between employees will come down.

Many organizations are people dependent and not process dependent. And this is a business risk that needs to be addressed.

While we often look at financial risk, we overlook operational risks.

As a business leader you would benefit from process mapping and documentation across all processes in your organization. This is not limited to process companies or BPO firms.

Every firm, big or small can gain by investing in process mapping and process steps creation.

Documentation of steps in a listing or as a flow chart?

You can start by getting processes mapped out as detailed steps. Later after review and revisions, the final versions can be converted to flow charts for getting a bird eye view of the process.

Training your team members to map processes.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to document processes. Yet we have to get the process executors to start the mapping and process steps documentation started. The process associate responsible for documenting the process should be trained on how to take the thoughts and actions and to put them down in writing in a systematic way.

Video vs. text

Videos are good to demonstrate and show processes, but they may not be detailed enough and are difficult to go back and forth.

You can make videos of processes once you are done with the process steps documentation.

Here are some of the benefits of having all your processes documented

· New staff training

· Staff process testing

· New client onboarding

· Quality monitoring

· KRA and Job goals creation for employees

· Job Description for HR for hiring

· Service Level

· Time and cost evaluation

· Work scheduling

· Automation

· Process Improvement

· Delegation of tasks

You can consider this for all departments and functions in your business.

1. Accounts

2. Human Resources

3. Sales

4. Marketing

5. Supply Chain

6. Operations

7. Customer Service

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