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Why companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange should invest in consumer services

Updated: Mar 31

As businesses become more competitive one of the drivers of profitability is the level of repeat purchase by customers. Not only does this drop the average customer acquisition cost but it also is a sign that customers are loyal and that they may influence the business in the long run

So how does a company listed on the BSE gain from customer engagement?

A highly engaged customer is likely to be a loyal customer. And one who refers the brand to others. This is a very important ingredient in the companies marketing mix.

Consumer and customer engagement can take various forms. One important aspect of customer engagement is to have options for customers to freely communicate directly with the company and brand. This enables a two way conversation which not only resolves customer issues more effectively but also gives the company window into the mind of the customer.

A publicly listed company has to build its customer based into a loyal one. And as a publicly listed company it has a responsibility towards its shareholders to be a customer centric organization.

Publicly listed companies should set up a professional consumer services function that enables them to have the infrastructure to communicate with the customer.

Such a consumer services function can be outsourced to a boutique consumer services firm like Kankei (

Kankei provides customer service and consumer services support to several large domestic and multinational firms doing business in India

As a company listed on the BSE, you would gain from outsourcing your consumer services to Kankei. Headquartered in Mumbai, India and in business for almost 20 years, Kankei is a specialist consumer services company . For more information write to or call +91 9324 747575 or please write to or click here 

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