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What are Facebook Chat bots and how can you use them to engage with your customers?

Updated: Apr 4

Bot or Robot? In computing terms a Bot is an automated program that can perform certain tasks based on inputs provided to it. Inputs can be provided by humans or by computer programs or systems that interact with the bot.

You can use Bots to automate certain tasks that would otherwise take a human to process. You can even use bots to play part of the role of humans and then let humans take over at the appropriate stage

We all know that facebook messenger is a good way for brands to interact with their customers. The issue is that the process of a chat is usually time consuming and the person who initiates the chat can easily hijack the agenda.

When using a Bot for facebook messenger you are able to lead the customer through a focused path that is defined by you. Be this about product discovery, making purchases, delivering content, making reservations or bookings for product demos and more

As a brand that has a brand facebook page, it would be good to explore opening up the messenger button for your customers and prospects. And enable this with a Chat Bot who will take your customers through the agenda that you set for them. You can always supplement your Chat Bot with a Human Chat or can simply direct your prospects and customers to your website or contact centre should the Chat Bot not meet their requirements.

Facebook has recently opened up this wonderful opportunity for brands to engage with their customers. Brands need to get their developers to create chat bots based on their requirements and following the guidelines set by Facebook, who will ultimately approve the Chat Bot program created by you.

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