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USA Businesses – set up your second (backup) outsourcing center in India

Updated: Feb 24

As businesses get disrupted worldwide due to unforeseen natural calamities it’s time for US businesses to look at backup and business contingency options.

If you are dependent on an outsourced center in one country for all your key outsourcing needs then this is the time to evaluate setting up an alternate center in India.

Having an additional back office operating in a country that has a vast talent pool and availability of resources that can be set up as an additional place of operations would be prudent. It can be of great use in a situation where the country in which the major operations are set up has any kind of natural calamity

In India, US Businesses can set up back office operations center

including a call center for managing customer enquiries on phone, web, and email

One city that a US business could look at setting up a back office is the India’s commercial capital – Mumbai.

Easily accessible by several direct flights from the US, Mumbai is home to a very large English speaking population. Youth who are trained and experienced are able to work during night shifts in a safe and secure manner. (Mumbai is considered safer than most other Indian cities and also has uninterrupted power supply and a good telecommunications infrastructure to be able to manage 24  X 7 X 365 days back office operations for US companies)

To know more about how you can outsource your customer service and other back office operations to a reputed company like Kankei please write to or if in USA call 212 380 1356 or WhatsApp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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