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The Role of Consumer Services is Changing

Updated: Apr 4

The consumer is not only the King. The consumer is now the influencer, the director, the maker or breaker, the chief architect of the brand, and the ultimate decision maker about the future of your business

This is more so true now than ever before. As the consumer is enabled and connected, the consumer role in any business success is now more significant than ever before.

When the consumer speaks, the management needs to listen

In many corporations the role of consumer services may not be very well defined. I have personally called several large multinational and domestic companies’ consumer services lines and got a dismal response.

In some industries it is mandatory to indicate a consumer help line on the packaging. For example, for the packaged food industry. However in most cases, having a consumer help line is an option left to the brand.

 As a responsible organization you can consider the following facts:

  1. Consumers now expect to be able to reach the manufacturer via telephone, email, social media and web

  2. Consumers expect responses to their questions and demand a resolution to their problems, irrespective of the sales channel from where the product was purchased

  3. A poor consumer response will surely lead to negative feelings about your organization and brand

  4. The cost of getting customers and that too happy ones is very high

  5. Getting loyal customers is an almost impossible task requiring a zeal and mission driven by the organization across all its customer contact points

As a senior business executive who may be in charge of consumer affairs, you can consider outsourcing parts of your consumer services function

Kankei handles consumer services contact for several large companies in India. We can provide the following customer services management support

  1. Phone based response – call center operation, 8 -24 hours a day to handle enquiries from public and consumers

  2. Email response management – respond to emails received about your products – enquiries, suggestions, complaints, feedback

  3. Social media response management. This can be done across social media where consumers may drop in their feedback, suggestions or complaints

  4. Video Call Centre for product demos and to answer queries on product usage

  5. Co-ordination with internal and external parties on your behalf to get the appropriate response sent to consumers

  6. Co-ordination of activities relating to product returns and product exchanges

To outsource your company consumer services needs assessed and for a proposal on managing aspects of your consumer services please contact the team at Kankei. The key contacts are Sumana Brahma (9830 881 101) and Ashok Chugh (9867 624 208)

To know more please contact us at or WhatsApp +91 9324747575 or click here 

Author : Ajay Miglani

(Founder, Kankei Group)

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