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The Role of Call Centers in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Updated: Mar 31

CRM is a loosely defined term that encompasses a range of activities relating to customer engagement.

Just like we invest time and money managing personal relationships – talking, meeting, gifting, eating out, going out – the same way organizations invest in managing customer relationships.

Some organizations may manage customer relationships in a formal process oriented fashion, while some may just do it in an informal way, while others just don’t manage their customer relationships at all.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) manifests itself in different ways. From lavish engagement of customers through gifting and rewards to good quality customer care , several initiatives fall under CRM.

One essential part of any CRM strategy or plan is to have a good contact center. A contact center can play several roles that are critical to CRM. Whether your customers are consumers or trade partners.

The role of the CRM call center in your plan could be one or more of the following

  1. Welcome and onboarding contact

  2. Rewards and Loyalty program support

  3. Contests and Promotions support

  4. Customer transaction and service enquiry management

  5. Special event invitations and RSVP

  6. Customer retention of customers intending to cease relationship

As a brand manager or business head you can use a call center as an integral part of your CRM program

To set up and operate your call center for CRM you can seek the services of established firms like Kankei.

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