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The need to keep your databases updated and how to go about doing so

Updated: Apr 2

Customer databases get obsolete pretty fast. Here’s what you can do to make sure you are not carrying junk data in your customer information files

Unless you have a bank, credit card company or utility company chances are that your customers are not going to inform you about any changes in their contact and other information

If you are running loyalty programs or have a customer base built up over time, chances are that many of the customers have either moved or changed their phone numbers or even their email address

This can be very challenging for marketers who want to stay in touch with customers

Every marketer who knows his or her customer base is an asset would need to be doing ongoing “Asset Maintenance”.

Here are a few tips for database management:

  1. Host your customer database on a CRM platform or system. For example: or

  2. Extract information on bounced emails from your email marketing engine and update this in your CRM system.

  3. Make arrangements with your courier company so that they ask customers for their phone numbers and have this reported back to you to have this updated in your system.

  4. Regularly contact your customers (opted in) on phone and update your records. (This could be very expensive).

  5. Create a hook for customers, which will encourage them to update you about changes in their contact information

  6. In some countries you can also work with the postal department to get updated addresses of your customers


If you have a firm or business that relies on Direct Marketing, you need to make these investments. Else you may end up with obsolete databases and huge wastage of direct mail and other communication.

To keep your customer and prospect databases updated you can use the services of specialist companies like Kankei .

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