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The challenges of getting the sales team to enter information into and other platform

There are many implementations of well thought through sales automation systems. These could be for a range of applications including retailer order taking, field sales reporting, prospect tracking and more.

How many of these systems require your sales teams to keep them updated?

Chances are that even the best sales automation systems that depend on the sales team to keep them updated will face challenges in implementation.

Unless the data entry is of a core function like order entry or attendance recording, the priority set by sales teams to update such systems may be very low.

As a result some organisations could have a situation where they have spent a lot of money in setting up sales force automation systems but have ended up with a system that does not have complete information.

As part of any salesforce automation implementation, the organisation should have a plan and method for the sales teams to be able to enter information in way that does not become a burden for the sales team.

One way for organisations to overcome the challenges of sales force adherance is to provide the sales team with inside sales support.  The function of the inside sales team can include assisting the field team with data entry into the salesforce automation system.

Field sales representatives can call or email or send in their field reports and these can then be entered into the salesforce automation system by the inside sales team.

If your organisation would like to explore setting up such processes for data entry and record updation into,, sugarcrm and other platforms you can sign up with organisations like Kankei to do the same for you.

Kankei will set up an outsourced inside sales team that will work with your sales team to perform various tasks including keeping your sales and field reports updated on the company CRM system. We can provide this service to companies in Singapore, India, USA, UK, Australia and other english speaking countries.

To know more about this service please contact us.

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