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Telephone survey – what can you use this important marketing tool for?

Updated: Apr 2

There was a time when phone penetration was so low that one had to wait in line to make a call from a public phone. A call to America would cost so much that parents would seldom speak to their children and usually for less than 3 minutes

According to Forbes Magazine in January 2016 ‘India Just Crossed 1 Billion Mobile Subscribers Milestone And The Excitement’s Just Beginning’

Market research specialists had long considered telephone surveys as an inaccurate way to go about conducting research. Primarily since the demographics of phone users was skewed and you could not cut across Socio Economic Classifications by doing telephone surveys.

With the enormous penetration of mobile phones, it is now not a question of demographics. It is more of a challenge of identifying the right person to survey, making sure that he or she is not on a Do Not Call Registry and then finding the right opportunity to contact them for a telesurvey

Yes, its true that phone surveys could have limitations because they may not allow for in-depth questioning. However they can enable brands to do a large scale contact to obtain quick feedback on a variety of issues that may concern a brand.

Have you seen our latest television commercial? Do you know that we have launched this product? Where did you last go for a vacation? Do you use a Smart Phone? Which brand of refrigerators do you prefer? And so on. You can ask consumers quick questions and get quick responses

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