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Social Media Customer Service

Updated: Mar 4

Social Media is exploding and will continue to grow. Not only are the social media sites increasing but so are the devices and smart phones that let consumers access these. Over 80% millennial prefer using social media platforms to voice their complaints and concerns as compared to the web, phone call and other forms of online chat.

As such, Social Media Customer Service is an important aspect of any business. With the growing mobile population and ease of access to various social media platforms consumers can easily express their dissatisfaction in a short period of time and go viral. Since other consumers also are on the same platforms it is likely that bad news will travel fast.

At Kankei we understand what brand reputation means to your business. It is best to nip any customer issue in the bud before it goes viral and creates a negative image perception for your brand. At the same time, handling customer issues proactively before they begin voicing their concerns will create a positive image and goodwill for your brand.

With that said, a brand manager’s essential to-do is to have quick and fair resolution of all customer service issues. This requires a problem solving approach with high service levels and quick turnaround times. This is precisely how we at Kankei can help you.

Our professionally trained social media customer support team actively engages with the customers, resolve their issues and create a positive ambience about your brand by keeping your customers happy! Our social media customer service is backed by bespoke software, trained personnel and specialized workflows for efficient social media customer handling. Simply put, we respond to customer queries, issues and complaints instantly and help in reputation management of the company.

While your brands may have social media agencies to help with consumer services, our response management cell can take care of posts that relate to customer issues. These may require quick response management with co-ordination with multiple departments within the client organization. Tracking and reporting these across shortlisted sites and providing adequate and appropriate responses on a timely basis are a critical activity that can be managed by Kankei. There are various tools to track and respond to social media comments, but these need resources and focus and attention, which our dedicated team can handle effectively and efficiently. Also, since we use state of the art tools to search the social media platforms, any negative publicity about your brand can quickly be responded to, even in cases where your brand is not tagged!

But that’s not all…With our analytics we can give you an insight into upcoming trends, customer expectations and hidden emotions before they become complaint.

Plus, the greatest advantage that we offer is the cost benefit you enjoy with our services…Cost of handling customer support on social media platform is much cheaper as compared to traditional methods! Outsource your social media customer service to companies like Kankei so that you can get customer service issues addressed and create a positive perception about your brand!

To know more about Kankei Services please write to or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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