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Order Entry and Order Processing

If you are running your supply chain on an enterprise level software or a SAAS platform, you will need to have processes for entering order information into these systems

While you can create web and mobile application for your customer orders to be taken & such orders can be transported into your enterprise order management system, there are several other orders that need manual intervention

  1. Orders received on phone.

  2. Orders received by email.

  3. Orders received by fax.

  4. Orders given to the sales team.

All these orders need to be entered into your SAP or other systems

In addition, to data entry the following tasks need to be performed:

  1. Validation of orders

  2. Clarifications on orders where not legible.

  3. Modification of orders where ordered products are out of stock

  4. Cancellation of orders

  5. Tracking of order status

  6. Handling inbound enquiries

  7. Post order customer contact to access services quality

A professional service company like Kankei can be used for outsourcing of your order entry and order processing.

Kankei  has vast experience handling such processes. We can provide these services to International companies located in Australia, Singapore, USA and other English Speaking Countries.

To receive a proposal for management of your order entry and order management please contact us.

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