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Is employee retention important for business?

Updated: Mar 31

When I talk about the word ‘Asset Retention’, the first thing that strikes my mind as an individual is to hold on to and retain my valuables and assets. For any organization, retention could range from retaining their possessions to retaining their clients but when I speak about retention from my organization’s perspective, our biggest strength is retention of employees. With our employee strength in the multiple of hundreds and still growing day by day, we proudly boast that our average employee tenure stands at 1.5 years.

We believe in grooming fresh talent to become experienced players. In cricketing world, winning the World Cup is the greatest honor but maintaining the number one position amongst 13 cricket playing nations is the supreme achievement.

Success comes from experience and we have climbed the stairs of experience every day to achieve success over the period of 18 years since our existence.

With industries across the globe facing the challenge to retain their employees, we have set a new benchmark of maintaining the highest retention across customer service industry. Our working culture inspire our employees to stay motivated and loyal which cultivates the sense of belonging and commitment towards the organization.

I consider myself blessed that I am working with an organization where ideas and innovations are welcomed, personal development opportunity is immense and ongoing learning is boundless.

Finally, I would like to end my subject with one simple arithmetic formula that “Retention = Business stability + Business continuity”.

The above are the personal reflections of Moen Lakdawala, a member of the Kankei Team based in Mumbai India

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