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How to use an outsourced call center to achieve your business objectives?

Updated: Apr 2

In today’s competitive world, CEOs and Business Heads have to try every trick in the book to get ahead.

And with an ever changing environment it is difficult to continuously spot trends and keep on top of them.

One of the keys tools that every business can use is that of a contact or call center.

Call centers are not only about telemarketing and pesky calls from telemarketers. Call centers are an important channel to communicate with your prospects and customers. And customers are not only consumers but institutional buyers and trade and channel partners.

Here are some of the applications of a call center that you can consider for your business

  1. Consumer Services help lines for your consumer products

  2. Trade help lines for dealers and retailers to reach you

  3. Customer Service lines for managing your customer interaction

  4. Centralized reception desk for your organization across multiple cities

  5. Contests and Promotions help desk

  6. Events and Trade Show invitations and RSVP

  7. Customer welcome and onboarding

  8. Customer retention

  9. Concierge service help desk for your customers

  10. Language interpretation center for your international customers

  11. Service tracker and customer satisfaction survey implementation

  12. Telesurveys and Market Research

  13. Telemarketing and lead generation

  14. Database updating and CRM

  15. Investor relations and service

  16. Human Resources – Employee Help Lines

  17. Supplier and Vendor enquiry line

  18. Supply Chain and Order Management

Investing in a good good contact center and team that can manage various organization needs is potentially a good move for any brand.

As a CEO, Business Manager, Sales or Marketing head, Consumer Services Head , HR Head or Supply Chain Head you will find immense use of having a call center for your function.

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