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How ecommerce companies in USA can improve their profitability by outsourcing their back office processes

Updated: Mar 4

Ecommerce is a fast growing channel for many brands and retailers. It also offers a great opportunity to specialist individual businesses that can promote and sell their products online. While there are a large number of sellers on platforms like Amazon, there is still a very big opportunity for individual single brand manufacturers as well as specialist businesses to sell their products online outside of such marketplaces.

It is no wonder that software as a service provider like Shopify is witnessing a boom in its business. Shopify enables small, medium and large enterprises in their ecommerce journey by allowing them to setup and operate an online store with minimal upfront investment in web store development, technology hosting and other expenses that are usually incurred when setting up an online store.

Whether selling on marketplaces or selling on your own online store, you can always look at process improvements and cost efficiencies to drive higher profitability

If you are a seller on Amazon, you can outsource some of your back office processes which include listing management, pricing management, customer service and reviews response management, financial reconciliation and management of books of accounts for your ecommerce business.

If you have your own brand online store, you can outsource customer care, content writing and technology support to Kankei group.

Kankei is a specialist outsourcing company with special focus on Ecommerce back office services. Located in Singapore, India and China. Kankei Group has been providing specialist outsourcing service for over 20 years.

So, is the outsourcing game over or is there still a lot left to be outsourced?

Ecommerce companies who are getting started in their business or have been in business for at least a year or two, a realize that management focus has to be on the consumer and on marketing and on the product mix being offered to the consumer. However, a lot of management time and attention may go into operational matters like order processing, customer service, content management, content writing, technology upgrades and so on.

Any smart internet retailer knows that unless you get customers through the door on a very cost effective basis you cannot be profitable. So the focus of an internet retailer should be in the area of acquiring consumers at a low cost. This means close monitoring – daily and sometimes hourly – and management of customer acquisition campaigns.

Customer acquisition alone is not enough, the internet retailer also needs to focus on the product offering making it unique to the extent possible or making it cheapest to the extent possible and to have the right product available for the targeted segment that the internet retailer is going after.

All these things take up a lot of management focus and are well spent on the front end. For the back end and the back office, the internet retailers can rely on Kankei to successfully manage their back office processes in a very cost effective fashion.

Take an example of an international gaming products company headquartered in China and selling its products worldwide including in the United States.

Kankei provides such a company the following services:

  1. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India customer care

  2. Amazon reviews management support

  3. Worldwide email response management

  4. Facebook page management including responding to customer feedback and complaints, if any

  5. Content writing for blogs and articles published on the company’s web site as well as in other media

In addition to the above, Kankei can also provide support in the area of product returns management, supply chain management, product sourcing from China, India and Vietnam and can also provide support in the area of data analytics, reporting and consumer insights.

We have a specialist team that is focused on Ecommerce businesses and are suitable for medium sized online stores in USA.

We offer very competitive rates and a promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are an internet retailer in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, China, you can contact Kankei to explore how you can save precious dollars from your back office operations so that you may deploy these on important customer acquisition programs

To know more about our services, write to or whatsapp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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