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How China Cross Border eCommerce sellers can provide high levels of customer service

Updated: Mar 4

Cross Border eCommerce is becoming very big and most of the world’s Cross Border eCommerce sellers are from China.

Products made in China are sold in America, Europe, Australia and many other countries on platforms like Amazon, ebay, Wish and others.

After the product is sold, the customer may need customer service as the consumer may have some questions about the product or the user may have some technical questions about the product.

Successful Amazon Cross Border eCommerce Sellers know how important it is to provide high levels of customer service to the consumer.

But the question is – how does a seller based in China provide this service to customers in America or Europe or Australia?

Customers can contact the seller via the seller panel on Amazon. But what if the question is about the product or after sales service?

China Cross Border sellers could do the following:

  1. Create a website that has their company information, product information, customer service contact details and product warranty information.

  2. Provide an English speaking customer service helpline for phone calls, web chat and email response management.

  3. Provide service during the working time of the customer. In USA this would be 8:00 am Eastern Time to 8:00 pm Pacific Time.

  4. Have a good knowledge management system for the customer service staff to be able to answer questions from customers.

  5. Have a central CRM system to keep information on all customers contact including emails and phone calls.

  6. Have voice call recordings available for quality listening and to have record of what the customer service representative has communicated.

  7. Have a quality monitoring department to check quality of customer communications.

  8. Analyze the trends in customer complaints and feedbacks so that action can be taken by the company.

  9. Aim for quick resolution of customer complaints and have one single point of contact (SPOC) in the company to resolve all customer queries and complaints.

  10. Keep on improving and enhancing service levels and product quality to get lesser customer queries & complaints. Improve the communication that goes with the product so that it reduces the number of enquiries.

As a China Cross Border eCommerce seller you can get services from Tiger Pug Group

  1. Global customer service 24 hours.

  2. Creating high quality communication to go with your product.

  3. Analysis of customer feedback and creation of reports for your management use.

We can set up customer service Hotlines for USA, Europe and English speaking countries. These will be answered by English speaking staff in our call centers. We can also reply to customer emails and live web chat.

Please do ask us for a quotation. Call Ashok Chugh on + 86 188 1322 8742 or email at or WeChat  chughashok

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