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How Brands can use Sampling Techniques like Direct Response and Missed Call Service

Updated: Mar 31

Very often we see an ad in the newspaper that gives us an email address or website to visit and we just move over to the next page. Taking consumers from offline to online is very difficult. No wonder print and TV ads are used more for brand building and less for driving website traffic – for that there are google, Facebook and more cost-effective ways to reach consumers using digital medium

So how does a marketer get consumers to see a print or TV ad and then work a way for the consumer to finally reach the brand website? And how does a marketer make it easy for the print ad viewer to reach the company in a cost effective and manageable way?

Using Direct Response Call to Action like a Missed Call Service is one such cost effective and manageable method. And why do we call it ‘Manageable’? Because you don’t need a room full of call center executives to take in campaign responses that may be at a peak for 2-3 hours maximum. For one, it will be expensive. Then there is the training cost to train so many executives on a campaign. And lastly there is a capacity issue. No matter how well you plan for direct response, chances are that you may have a large number of abandoned calls or customers who have to wait for a long time. And a Missed Call Campaign overcomes all these issues.

So, how does it work?

  1. A brand engages Kankei to create a Missed Call based Direct Response Campaign.

  2. Kankei sets up a help line number that will be published on the advertisement.

  3. Consumers call and give a missed call on the number. It does not cost them anything and it is also very easy to do as all consumers now have phones handy.

  4. Once the calls are received, the Kankei Outbound Direct Response Campaign Management Executive calls the consumer and conducts the business activity.

Some of the areas that a brand can use such a service are

  1. Product Sampling Requests from Consumers

  2. Generating interest in consumers to get a Test Drive

  3. Getting consumers to ask for a sales visit by the sales representative

  4. Interest generation in new projects like real estate

  5. Consumer research and feedback on products or advertising (can be used for advertising testing)

  6. And several other options where the brand wants to get consumers to opt in to being called back

How do you get started?

Call Kankei on +91 93-24-747575 or email and our business representative with reach out to you soonest. Or click here 

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