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How An Appliance And Household Goods Company Can Use Call Centres For Engaging With High Net Worth P

1. Specialist Expert Consultation – To consumers who are looking to make a purchase of household appliances. There are many aspects that are not addressed on the company website and having someone available to give an unbiased view will help the consumer and also position the brand well within the prospects mind.

This would be done through having specialists available to speak to prospects. These specialists may be based at a call centre or can be set up using other customers or ex employees of household appliance companies and so on, working in a distributed set up, some of them from their own homes

2. Video Call Centre Set up a process whereby customers can log in and view an ongoing interactive demo of the products or a one on one video demo with select consumers

3. CRM and existing customer contact for enhancing their relationship. Several clients would be those who already have household products and appliances and have the scope to upgrade and enhance. A sustained program to contact such customers through a campaign management system involving email and call centre contact too.

4. Service Tracker – post service contact and audit to get consumer feedback. This can be done in a highly automated fashion with web and phone/IVR based contact

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