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How Amazon USA sellers can use services of Kankei group to enhance their business

Updated: Mar 4

Are you an established seller on Amazon? You will know that the following elements play an important role in your business profitability.

  1. Cost of Goods Sold

  2. Marketing on Amazon

  3. Consumer Reviews

  4. Seller Ratings

  5. Product Returns

There are many other elements that affect profitability including unsold inventory, cost of order processing and general operations, cost of packaging and more

You will be amazed how our company can help you improve on one or more of the matrix above.

Here are some pointers about how our group companies can assist you:

Reduction in cost of goods

With our sourcing capabilities in China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh we can help you source products or get your products made at competitive rates. This can help you save precious time and resources. We can also hold the inventory in these countries and send it to your customers via drop shipping.

To take advantage of this service you should be a seller with minimum USD 3 million in annual sales on Amazon.

We charge 10% of product sourcing cost as our service fee. This service is provided by our group company Tiger Pug. Visit

Marketing on Amazon

Marketing on Amazon needs the following operational capabilities:

  1. Listing and content creation

  2. Running marketing programs

  3. Analysis of programs

  4. Price and product changes

  5. Product promotions as allowed on Amazon

The team at NDcommerce can work with you as your outsourcing partner.

Even if you have a small team at NDcommerce, India, you will be able to dramatically increase your management bandwidth and be able to focus on your online business in USA.

Apart from lower cost a big advantage is that our India team is many hours ahead of USA, so when you close your office in USA and pass the tasks to our India team you have a competitive advantage as your work will be ready and good to go when you get to work next morning.

To know more about NDcommerce and how we can give American sellers on Amazon USA a competitive edge, write to

Consumer Reviews and Seller rating

There are various reasons why consumers give bad reviews and one way to reduce these adverse reviews is to provide assistance to customers when they need it.

Kankei provides USA Amazon sellers with outsourcing of their call center.

Our call centre in India is capable of handling USA calls, emails and web chat. We can also handle your Amazon customer service through the Amazon customer service seller panel.

Not only is Kankei very cost effective, our talented team also includes technical support staff who can provide assistance on electronics, gaming products, home appliances, Internet of things, products that require installation support and more.

We are also available 24/7, so Amazon sellers need not have their offices open late night to take customer calls. We also respond to emails after your business hours and this gives you the ability to respond to customers quickly.

Write to for more information

Products Returns

Good service can reduce your products returns. If a customer has any issue with the product start-up or installation, they can get phone based customer care provided to them on your behalf by Kankei.

As your call center outsourcing partner, Kankei will assist your customers who have purchased products sold by you on Amazon.

Our team of specialists will be trained on your products and supported by an extensive and ever growing knowledge bank of questions and answers.

We are also available 24/7, 365 days a week, so your product related queries can be handled before the customer decides to return the products to Amazon.

We can also assist with other processes relating to product returns including filing claims with Amazon or helping identify SKU numbers and product information for products that come back without the original tag.

This service is provided by Kankei customer care and call center outsourcing services. To know more write to

In summary, Kankei group of service companies can assists sellers on Amazon USA, Canada and UK with a range of services aimed at improving profitability. For Amazon sellers and providing quicker services to consumers who have made purchases from these sellers.

To know more write to today!!Or call whatsapp +91 9324747575

We will set up a phone call with you to go through the scope of work.

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