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How Amazon USA sellers can enhance their customer service levels

Updated: Feb 24

Being a seller is easy. Selling is the difficult part. Opening a seller account on takes less than an hour. Listing products and getting them sold takes time, effort and money.

After all the hard work and investments in customer acquisition, when the consumer buys your products, the story does not end

Every good seller will provide high levels of customer service and after sales support.

If your products require ongoing customer support, for example: Electronics, IOT products, home automation and even hobby items you need to provide for these to be supported by high quality customer care, available 24 X 7

Customers need responses and in today’s age they need to be responded to super fast.

As an seller where products need after sales support consider outsourcing your customer service

Service partners like Kankei ( can provide you with the following services in English:

  1. 24 hours, 7 days a week phone answering

  2. Email response management

  3. Web chat support

  4. Video call center for product use demos or product troubleshooting with the consumer

Kankei is based in Mumbai, India and has capability to serve USA consumers on a 24*7 basis

The advantages of using Kankei to manage your customer care are:

  1. We work while your office is closed – 24 hours a day

  2. We process responses to emails overnight thereby enabling quicker turnaround time

  3. We offer our services on a flexible and cost effective basis for them to suit your business model

Our customer service knowledge bank creation and quality monitoring processes allow you to be able to control quality as per your standards

We can work with your systems and CRM and that can make it easier for your company to outsource to us

To get started on a pilot project to outsource your customer service to Kankei, call us on USA 212 380 1356 or email or click here  or WhatsApp +91 9324747575

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