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Good Quality Customer Care Comes at a Cost

Updated: Mar 31

Customer care is now more important than ever before. Competition for limited customers is high. And new entrants are happy to slash prices to get new customers. In the price war scenario, one tool that will help with your customer retention is your customer care, customer service and customer call center.

High quality customer care includes the following components

  1. Having the right technology to answer calls based on their importance, the customers needs, the skills of the customer care representative and language

  2. Deploying the right human resources who are mature, trained and customer

  3. Implementing quality monitoring processes that are thorough and pervasive

  4. Creating reporting and analytics systems that allow management to take the right decisions

  5. Creating and implementing processes that deal with customer issues, escalation and resolution on a timely basis

  6. Trained and consistent management team that does not see customer care as a duty but as a passion

All the above come at a cost. And if you cut cost, you will have issues with quality.

As a brand owner or business manager, you should have customer service and customer care as a well planned and budgeted function to ensure that this function delivers the quality required to keep customers happy and retained.

You can outsource your customer care and customer call center to established and dedicated organizations like Kankei.

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