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Disease Awareness – How Pharma and Medical Companies Can Play A Role

Updated: Mar 31

India is one of the world’s most populous countries. In fact it is the world’s second most populous country. With a population of close to 1.3 Billion people, it is soon going to be the No 1 most populous country.

Source: United States Census Bureau

With such a large population in India and with the doctor to population ratio of 1:1800, the challenges of healthcare remain big and demanding. According to Madhav G Deo, as quoted in the Indian Journal for Medical Research the desired ratio is 1:1000. And with the population growing rapidly, the number of doctors needed in India is expected to rise significantly.

One of the areas that responsible Pharma, Medical Device and Medical Services companies can contribute to is building disease awareness amongst public , doctors and healthcare professionals. While there are a lot of Pharma company marketing and sales dollars going into doctor visitation, doctor engagement programs, samples for doctors and more, efforts into disease awareness will greatly help

Some of the ways that disease awareness can be spread to doctors and healthcare professionals are:

  1. Direct Marketing – Use of direct mail, brochures and catalogues to doctors

  2. Telemarketing – use of phone to communicate specific pieces of information or updates

  3. Content Creation and Online Content Marketing – Creation of microsites with lots of relevant information and updates on the disease, disease prevention and healthy lifestyles practices that doctors can recommend to their patients at large

  4. Visual materials and props for doctors to use for patient education.

By running disease awareness programs, it will help public, doctors and pharma companies.

  1. Public gains due to disease awareness and prevention methods

  2. Doctors gain by being able to provide better-informed advice to patients for pro-active care

  3. Pharma company gains as it provides a service to society and to the people of the world to whom it provides medications and medical solutions.

Pharma, Medical Device and Medical Services companies are focused on their core business. They can use the services of professional communication and customer engagement services companies like Kankei to be able to further their cause of  enhancing disease awareness.

Kankei provides a range of services that can be bundled into a comprehensive program

  1. List building of doctors and health care professionals

  2. Outreach to doctors and health care professionals through telephone and email

  3. Creation of a content site by Kankei Digital for hosting and managing content related to the disease

  4. Building website traffic through digital marketing, search engine optimization, alliances and partnerships, affiliate marketing and paid search engine programs

  5. Printing and preparation of physical materials to be sent to doctors.

  6. Fulfillment of materials, samples and products to be sent to Doctors and Health Care professionals

To have a representative of the Kankei Family contact you please

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India                                 +91 9324 747575

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