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Direct Marketing – A Revival in India

Updated: Apr 2

Direct Marketing in India has often been misconstrued as Direct Selling – Door to Door, Cold Calls & Telemarketing . That is because Direct Marketing has seldom been practiced the way it should be.

Using data analytics and consumer preferences and then making the right offer at the right time using the right medium – that would be considered as well practiced Direct Marketing.

Direct Marketing costs money and is highly accountable. And that is one of the reasons it is not easy for a marketing manager to embark on such programs. It is quicker and seemingly better for the brand to focus on advertising and brand building.

While advertising and brand building have their place in generating sales, there are several product categories that lend well to direct marketing.

Hotels, Automobiles, Cellular , Computers and Hardware, Furniture, High End Cosmetics, Appliances and several other categories can use direct marketing as an effective tool for product trial, product purchase and product re-purchase.

An important component of direct marketing campaigns is the ability to interact with the consumer and prospect on phone. Outbound telemarketing or inbound customer lead generation can both be an integral part of any  direct marketing campaign.

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