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Database and List Building for Email Marketing

Updated: Apr 4

As marketers seek to stay in touch with prospects (with the ultimate aim of selling their products and services) they encounter several practical challenges

While the buzz is to reach out using mobile and web, the fact is that every other marketer is also seeking to do the same

Spam marketing has been brought under control for phone and mobile marketing. However, email marketing is still largely uncontrolled and has considerable spam

Marketers who would like to indulge in email marketing need to have the following considerations:

  1. Need to have qualified, opted in prospects on the database

  2. Good quality campaign management tools to effectively deliver email campaigns

  3. Crisp, relevant and engaging communication that will make recipients open emails and actually read them

  4. Meaningful call to action for every communication

  5. Brand relevance and consistency within the campaign as well as other communication on social media, mobile and web

The key starting point and foundation for email marketing is list and database building

Databases of prospects who have opted into your email-marketing program can only be through one type of source – legitimate

Legitimate databases can be from one or more of the following

  1. Individuals who have registered with you in the past with the understanding that they may receive communication from your company

  2. Individuals who have responded to an open media or above the line campaign eg advertisement on television

  3. Customers of other companies with whom you may have marketing or affiliate partnerships. These companies should have specific permission from the consumer to share their information with their marketing partners like your company

  4. Consumers who have participated in a product sampling process undertaken by your company and have given their contact information as part of such process

  5. Prospects who have reached out to your company through your call centre and from whom you have taken specific permission to use their contact information for your communication with them

  6. Prospect information obtained through customer and employee referral programs. Through the source is legitimate, there is still a need to get prospects to opt in

  7. List purchase from third party vendors. Such a list is only legitimate if the third party has taken specific permission from the individuals (on the list) to collate and share their contact information with other companies and marketers

The primary reasons for the low response rates for email campaigns are the quality of databases, the legitimacy of the databases and the spam nature of the communication that is sent to consumers who have not opted in.

Marketers should take care while engaging in spam marketing as it can be damaging to the brand. It can also turn out to be a very expensive way to communicate due to low response rates

As a responsible marketer, invest in a plan to build good quality legitimate databases before embarking on email marketing campaigns

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