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Customer service v/s Consumer service

Is Consumer Service and Customer Service one and the same thing??

Technically, they both mean the same. However these terms are usually based on their context

Customer service is generally for addressing a particular service need. For example, disputed credit card charges, reporting lost or stolen cards, getting a service request lodged for an appliance and so on.

Consumer Service is generally a more broad term and normally used by companies to describe a function that handles consumer enquiries and feedback. A listening post for the company whereby the customer has a way to interact with the company on product issues or other feedback

Typically you will find consumer services help line information and email contact information on various packaging of consumer goods companies.  The words – Consumer Services Helpline – 1800-xxx-xxxx are on various packed goods in India

Consumer service is generally treated as an important function though in many cases may just be provided by the brand because of regulatory or statutory government requirements

Being a specialist function the company needs to ensure that it has the right resources to manage its consumer enquiries on a timely and efficient manner

Kankei provides consumer service & customer service management for large National & Multi- National Firms. Whether you are in India, Singapore, USA or other English Speaking Countries, your organization can outsource consumer services and call centre customer service to Kankei.

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