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COVID-19 may have left a lot of your retail sales team under-utilized and you may be wondering what you can do about it

Updated: Feb 24

In-store sales people are not only our ambassadors but they are also the most well trained customer service and customer guidance representatives. So how does it matter if they can’t be available in your retail stores for any reason including Covid-19?

Sales heads, Retail heads, Marketing heads don’t underestimate the value of your retail sales team. Here is a quick solution for you to use their knowledge and expertise and time even though they may be working from home.

Follow these easy steps:

1.   Get a Pypto module fitted on your web site

2.   Let the Pypto interaction rep collect consumer information and requirements for which they need guidance on making a purchase

3.   Use the Pypto workflow process to pass these leads to the most appropriate in-store sales rep (who may be working from home)

4.   Equip the in-store  sales rep with an outgoing call facility to make a call to the customer who needs purchase buying guidance

5.   Get the sales person to contact prospects, help them make a decision  and collect a virtual order

6.   Get the virtual order processed through your ecommerce engine – your brand online store

7.   Collect payment on your online store

8.   Have the product delivered to the customer

9.   Reward your in-store sales person for the purchase (just like you would reward an affiliate )

Follow the above steps and gain the following benefits

1.   Leverage your in-store sales reps knowledge and skills even though they may not be able to go to your physical stores to perform their normal duties

2.   Get better conversion rates from your web site visitors

3.   Build a consumer database of interested prospects with better knowledge about their profile and immediate needs

4.   Get your in-store sales team to be active and occupied till such time as your retail stores open

To know more about Pypto and how Pypto can help you execute the above in a seamless fashion (and therefore help you gain some lost ground as well as keep your in-store sales reps gainfully employed) , please call us at +91 9324747575 or email or click here 

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