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Conserve your energy – use it for your Core Goals

Updated: Feb 28

Energy is limited. It can be used in physical as well as mental activities.

Just as individuals, organizations too have limited energy. Limited by their human resources

As a business manager, you already have many energy drainers. One of them is to do tasks that are not core to your business. Those that  can be outsourced or done by someone else.

So if your main goal is to meet your targets, have the right products being sold, managing innovations and more, then why would you waste your organization energy on non-core activities?

You too can save your organization and personal energy and use it for something more productive and more fulfilling:

It’s easy

Take the following steps

  1. Identify your key objectives

  2. Understand the top two focus areas that need the maximum energy

  3. Identify the bottom two activities that take up disproportionate amount of organization energy

Once you have done the above exercise from 1 to 3, you may find that any of the following fall into the bottom two.

  1. Managing customer service on phone and email

  2. Tracking and responding to customer feedback on social media or via web site and other platforms

If the above are indeed energy sappers for your organization, consider these to be outsourced to a company that specializes in the area.

Talk to Kankei ( to understand how you can conserve your organization energy by outsourcing your customer service and customer feedback response management.

Write to or WhatsApp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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