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Connect the Dots

Updated: Mar 4

Brand Managers can look at the various customer connection points that the organization has with its customers.

The data that gets generated could be a gold mine. Data that is kept here and there in different systems, excel files, order processing systems and in CRM systems. Also data kept with the outsourcing partners like call centers.

Some of the customer data points are:

  1. Customer data from the call center. This could be of existing customers as well as prospective customers

  2. Warranty cards and sales records: Customers who have made purchases from the company or its retailers and who complete and submit warranty cards and provide information to be updated on sales records.

  3. Sampling data specially relevant for FMCG companies who have a lot of field sampling done

  4. Ecommerce transaction data: This could be from the brand online store as well as from online portals where the brand is sold.

  5. Service center records from all the interactions of customers who come into the service center.

Customer and prospect information can be harnessed by the brand in the following ways:

  1. Cross sell and up sell brand and company products to existing customers

  2. New product trials and adoption by early adopters

  3. Product quality improvement programs

  4. Creation of consumer panels to test concepts and new products

  5. Surveys and feedback programs

  6. Referral programs.

As a brand manager you can take the lead in connecting the dots.

While it may not be an easy task, it is not that difficult too.

Start with creating an assessment of various customer touch points and data collated through these. Then setup processes to get this data into one central point and then implement customer communication programs that are aimed at the objectives outlined above.

To know more about how you can connect the dots, contact Ashok at +9193 24 74 75 75  or email at

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