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Call center services for brand activation programs

Updated: Mar 31

Brand managers have a plethora of consumer and trade communication options in front of them –  in market, in store, telephone, mobile messaging, apps, emails, websites and more.

What is brand activation?

This is a loosely defined and generic term used to cover a range of programs for brand promotions

In short, it is getting the consumer to take action or ACT!

Why would a consumer act on a brand initiative? It is the agenda of the brand to get consumers to act. Not the consumers agenda. Unless the consumer is seeking the brand in a pro-active manner

So how does a brand get its consumers to act?

Take your own example as a reader of this brand activation service from Kankei. Ask yourself these questions

  1. Would you act on something that is not of interest to you?

  2. Would you act on something that does not emotionally connect with you?

  3. Would you act on something that has nothing in it for you?

  4. Would you act on something that is unknown?

  5. Would you act on something that is complicated and difficult to understand?

  6. Would you act on something that is perceived to be for someone else?

As a brand manager or marketing professional you may ask – can a call center company like Kankei really help me with brand activation?

The fact is that the world is now connected on phone and data. So how about leveraging this for your brand activation programs

Example 1

Brand set ups a consumer services line that connects the brand with consumers. Consumers who call the line form a good database of existing customers with whom the brand can start communicating on a regular basis. When we know that the customer is really a customer and the customer has willingly called the consumer services helpline, then what better than using that as a starting point of engagement. Build the emotional connection immediately. Then you can follow through with messaging and special offers to the consumer as you launch new variants, new products or have consumer brand activation and incentive programs

Example 2

Product sampling is a great way to get the brand to connect with the consumer. Going door to door is very expensive and time consuming. How about creating a missed call campaign for sampling? Consumers can give a missed call to a number set up. It does not cost the customer anything. Using the information taken from the missed call, the brand can create an automated or semi-automated mobile messaging based interaction to get information on the consumer for fulfillment of the sample. What’s more, the brand can do a follow up contact post the sampling process and get consumer feedback. And encourage the consumer to make repeat purchases. Such is the power of the phone and call center in sampling that you will be happy to see the end results and be able to control the process

Interested in knowing how a brand activation program can use a multi-lingual call center? A call center company that has vast experience in consumer and trade engagement programs.

Try us. Send us your problem or objective of brand activation and we will come back to you with a solution

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Kankei is an experienced customer engagement services company covering consumer and trade programs for several large multinational and domestic brands. Established in 1998, Kankei works with its clients as a partner who seeks to provide a solution towards the end result.

The team at Kankei can be also be reached via phone on  +91 93-24-747575  and email  or  click here

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