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Call Center Outsourcing can go beyond answering phone calls

Updated: Mar 31

As consumers, when we call the customer service center of a bank or telecom company, we may not imagine the scene at the call center. For us as consumers, it is a representative of the company picking up the phone and answering our questions. In reality, it is like a factory – with people, processes, technology. Many times working around the clock, 365 days a year. The customer service center may also be located in another city and if it is an international call center then it could be in India or Philippines or elsewhere

As the business environment is evolving, consumers can now reach companies through the internet – website, social media like Facebook and twitter, email, voice over internet like skype – call center outsourcing is also evolving

Call center outsourcing now goes beyond just handling inbound customer service calls. Brands can outsource other aspects of their customer interaction to service providers like Kankei, a specialist boutique call centre company headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Some of the activities and business processes that can be outsourced to a good call center company are:

1. Social Media Response Management including Online Reputation Management 2. Email Response Management 3. Web Chat Handling 4. Customer Order Processing 5. Service Tracking 6. Customer Satisfaction Survey Implementation 7. Marketing Promotions Support 8. Direct Response Management 9. Event Management Support 10. Dealer Help Lines 11. Lead Generation

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