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After sales customer service tracker

Updated: Apr 2

Are you a company that provides after sales service to your customers? These could be individual consumers or institutional customers. For Example: You could be a medical equipment supplier whose products are used by hospitals and nursing homes. Such equipment would often need after sales service

While you may have your own service team or an outsourced service team, you would benefit from tracking the service levels and service quality

Kankei provides its clients with a ‘Service Tracker’ service where in our teams work on behalf of our clients to track the levels and quality of service provided by their service technicians

The Service Tracker Team contacts customers who have requested for service, especially for breakdown service.

The team probes the following:

  1. Whether the service was performed

  2. The timeliness of the service response

  3. The quality of service performed

  4. If any residual issues remain

The advantages of having a third party to conduct service-tracking audits are:

  1. Impartial Assessment

  2. Done on top priority

  3. Reporting and analytics done as per client requirements

  4. Ability to go across organization lines to resolve issues

  5. Outsourced team has focus and continuity over time

To implement an After Sales Service Tracker for your organization please contact us at or WhatsApp +91 9324747575 or click here 

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