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Inbound Call Center

Kankei has been specialising in inbound call centre services and provided these services to a range of companies since 1998. We manage call centres for brands with great care and integrity.

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Ecommerce Services

The growth in the business opportunities due to ecommerce is phenomenal. Kankei, an established business process outsourcing company, has several services for the ecommerce Industry.

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With the surging demand of small appliances, mobile, accessories, electronics and other small gadgets the chances are that the use of these is going to be more than the normal.


Kankei, established 1998, is an India based Call Center. We are located in the bustling cities of Mumbai and Kolkata
We provide the following call center services

Consumer Call Center
Our specialisation in Inbound call center services is a result of our many years of experience working with several large multinationals and domestic companies.
Typical uses of the Kankei inbound call center services are in the following areas


  • Consumer Services (Typically for consumer goods companies)

  • Customer Service (For brands that have a high level of after sales service)

  • Pre-Sales Inbound Call Center (To respond to sales enquiries)

  • Ecommerce Customer Care (To answer questions on product orders and service enquiries)

  • Advertising and Direct Response Management (To answer calls in response to advertising. This includes missed call campaigns)

  • Consumer promotion response (This could be to respond to consumers who are engaging with the brand for contests, inbound surveys and more)

Trade Call Center
Trade marketing and engagement is a very big part of the 5 Ps of marketing. Trade partners too need to have a way to connect with the brand.
Typical use of Kankei Call Centers for Trade are


  • Trade enquiry line for company promotions and schemes

  • Trade service requests related to equipment deployed by the brand at the retailer (for example product coolers , point of sale terminals , signages , kiosks and others)

  • Trade contests and promotions

Human Resources Call Center
Organisations from industries like  banking, insurance , software, services, airlines, hospitality, consumer goods, pharma , manufacturing and others which have over 500 employees can typically have a HR hotline set up

Kankei Call Centers can be used to provide employee hotlines


  • 24 Hour Safety reporting hotline

  • Salary, Admin, Stationary and Supplies, Logistics help lines for employees

  • Ombudsman service help line

  • Sexual Harassment reporting

As a Brand Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Human Resources Manager or Sales Manager, you will always find call center services from Kankei to be of great use.

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